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Biomimic Theory is a Social Enterprise striving to find reusable and sustainable alternatives to disposables & environmentally harmful products that we use on a daily basis.

Facilitator : Shwetha Parshi, Founder of Biomimic Theory.

A workshop that will change your way of looking at things. To get creative with your choices and fulfil your needs. A life that will connect you to your surroundings and show you why being responsible for your actions is important.

Living a life that will never be advertised to you as cool but will be more satisfying and meaningful than the life you lived so far.

Workshop highlights :
1. Self Analysis of one’s lifestyle
2. Areas the can have immediate improvement
3. Road Map to improvement overtime
4. Creative sustainable lifestyle creation.

It’s a holistic way of understanding oneself, the habits and the impact we create as individuals.
Duration : 2 hours
Age group : 15+ years