Episode 1

So our little feathered friends are happy !

It must be in far far away land .

Something like Tangled and Cinderella land


This little haven for birds is right at our Namma Bengaluru and pictures are taken through windowsill 💗

What a terrific way to start a day with golden orioles and shikaras drop by your workspace ?

About a year back Harresha, a PhD student got into birding.

Like always birding is one of best addiction, which kept him in quest of new birds

But he went steps further like Going on Pongal bird count across Tamil nadu, recording birds through transit and remote areas with his two other members .

It didn’t stop there , he created a perfect home for his numerous Avian friends

How ???

So it looks like water park for avians right ?

we totally agree !

So how did hareeshaas  invite them ?

He made small water trough with fresh water and kept a beautiful tortoise shape terracotta water bowl and delicacies for munching .

So did his friends fly coming ?

No .

He kept changing the water everyday … And this went on for while but none turned up .

Until three months, when they trusted that he isn’t laying trap.

Now he has even seen a baby wild boar 🤗 and snakes near his trough.

Moral : Bird watching is good addiction but people like harresha give back to their friends in due process

Be like harresha !

Pc: we aren’t disclosing the venue deliberately but we promise you that it’s right in Namma Bengaluru.

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