Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is NGO committed to save sloth bears. They have helped in the eradication of dancing bears in India and rehabilitated many tamed and wild bears in centers across India

Ever took a safari at Bannerghatta zoo and wondered what happens behind ?
We are giving a glimpse of it.

Wildlife SOS center at Bannerghatta Biological park nurtures 87 sloth bears with balanced nutrients and well equipped medical facility.

Get a private tour into entire working process

* See Various Mahabharatham namesake bear enclosure
* Bear kitchen and how food is prepared
* Medical facility

Join us, to be part of nurturing bears , we got fun activities to help our cute teddies leading a comfortable live.

* Hammock repair and building
* Enrichment deck repair & building
( Our enthusiastic well-built bears break the enrichment as quickly as made)

* Food enrichment
( What’s fun in eating food the normal way ?
Make is fruit popsicle and other fun food )

* Art on walls
Paint your heart out in walls of the center

* Office works

Every bear has individual file and everything is documented. Love arithmetic and digital
Process? Help us in computer and library works .