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The Hidden life of Trees

By Peter wohlleben

What they feel , how they communicate ( discoveries from a secret World. )

As the title promises , it’s a real discovery into their secret World. It gives us enthralling information about the lives of trees but in pleasant way.

Author has researched numerous scientific papers and publications for the book but his narrative is light, engaging and literally transports us into the forests.As the author is a forester from Germany the books encompasses sal, teak, beeches acacias.  Book features mostly from Europe and partly other nations but it still keeps readers from any nation engaged. From how trees protect, gossip, help each and also partners with fungi( wood wide web), through how urban trees are left to fend for itself, to explaining why trees are the biggest way for solving global warming, author has done a brilliant job.

We highly recommend reading this book, so the next time you enter a jungle/ Thicket/ or a park your thoughts aren’t same as before .You get to pay attention to the patterns of leaves, angles of branches, their canopies and also the insect life it sustains.

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