Host:  Niharika Rajput,
She is a wildlife artist based in New Delhi, India. Her aim is to restore , protect and conserve all endangered wildlife through art.
She has a wonderful eye for detail, an innate sensitivity to texture, colour and material and a love of playful juxtapositions.

Category 1:
Paper bird mobiles :

Every participant will receive a set of hand cut stencils of all the bird’s body parts. These stencils will be traced on to blank sheets using graphite pencils thereafter which these parts will be cut out. The next step is to assemble all the parts using adhesive & wire. The final step is to paint the birds using acrylic colours once all the details have been sketched out.

No of Participants- 20
Duration- 3hrs

Category 2
Paper, epoxy, wire table toppers or hanging mobiles

Every participant will be given epoxy, wire, pre- cut stencils of the wings & tail, adhesive, paints, brushes, scissors etc. They will start by sculpting the body of the bird using m-seal( regular epoxy) , once it dries up wire will be attached to the body to build the wings & tail on. Stencils for the wings & tail will be given which the participants will trace & cut out. These will be glued to the body and painted using acrylic paints.
No of Participants – 20
Duration – 3 hrs