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Children learning in nature

GreenGen Xplorers

The Green Gen Explorers is a backyard study retreat, primarily designed for Bengaluru students, designed to empower critical thinking, connect dots, and analyze through naturalistic exploration, investigative tasks, discussions, and active citizenship. It orchestrates three-hour investigative outings for students, families, and teams, allowing them to delve into the themes of biodiversity, city design, and human impact in the urban setting. One gets to explore the city and it's public spaces, through the lens of science and social science. This isn’t just about exploration: it’s about cultivating active citizenship and making a tangible difference in preserving our planet for generations to come. 

Age group: 10-14 years
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Bengaluru

What would children do

Participants go through an investigative outing studying urban biodiversity and planning  in Bengaluru, allowing them to delve into biodiversity, the significance of public parks, city design, and the effects of climate change on their local environment.

Through an annual conclave involving students from various schools across Bengaluru, Green Gen facilitates an investigative journey. Students engage in research and reimagine their findings, which are then showcased on a web portal. This serves multiple purposes:

Children journaling in nature

Insight for Adults

Adults can view the city through the lens of children, gaining valuable perspectives.

Children experimenting

Documenting Solutions

Students showcase their caring nature and innate problem-solving abilities.

Children observing in nature

Dialogue and Governance

It becomes a platform for students to interact with decision-makers, enabling discussions on implementing student-led solutions in the real world.

How does it work?

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Level 1

Top 25 teams selected from different regions and schools


Level 2

Solve a problem in their vicinity and propose viable solutions with guidance from experts at Thicket Tales

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Level 3

Top 5 teams collaborate with industry leaders during a summer internship, implementing and refining their solutions

The program culminates in the selection of the top 25 teams from different regions and schools. These teams are guided by experts from Team Thicket Tales to identify a problem in their vicinity and propose viable solutions. The final phase involves the top 5 teams collaborating with industry leaders during a summer internship, implementing and refining their solutions.

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Children learning in nature
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Learn Around Nature (LAN)

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Our nature-based experiential learning program for secondary students coming from low-income families in Bengaluru, LAN merges classroom education with immersive nature experiences to address academic and social learning gaps.

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