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Learn Around Nature (LAN)

Learn Around Nature (LAN) is our flagship program. It is a nature-based experiential learning program for secondary students coming from low-income families in Bengaluru. LAN merges classroom education with immersive nature experiences to address academic and social learning gaps.

11-14 years
3 hours
Nest and birds

Program Overview

LAN is a comprehensive educational initiative tailored for Karnataka-board secondary school students from low-income private schools and community centres currently serving government students. Spanning 10 months with 3 hours of weekly engagement, it integrates storytelling, arts, STEM activities, and interactive games to breathe life into 60% of the state syllabus's science and social science concepts. 

How does it work?

LAN harnesses local environments to intertwine school subjects with perspectives from ecology and climate change. We engage with students twice a week through a combination of outdoor explorations, games, indoor experiments, discussions, and group activities. The year has three modules: Landscape, Biodiversity, and Human Connection. Each module takes three months; the first two months are spent visualising the curriculum, while the last month is spent on creative live projects where children get to apply what they have learnt.

3 Modules of this year

Children learning in nature


Children in nature


Children observing in nature

Human Connection

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Children following leads
Children in nature
Group photo

Contribute meaningfully

We aim to raise ₹25,00,000 to host LAN for 500 children and empower 3000 Green Gen Xplorers in 2024.

Your impact - Your contribution will directly impact 3500 children, providing them with transformative experiences that will shape their understanding of the world and their role within it.

You can contribute in the following amounts that fuels our mission to create a brighter, more sustainable future through education and nature immersion


More Programs

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GreenGen Xplorers

Middle schoolers
3 hours
Bengaluru based program

Green Gen orchestrates three-hour investigative outings for families and students, allowing them to delve into biodiversity, the significance of public parks, and the effects of climate change on their local environment.


Address - Uttarahalli,

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